About Us

Founded in Hong Kong in 1996, Charm Printing set up it’s own factory in China four years later in nearby Shenzhen. The well known hi-tech manufacturing hub is also very competitive in the printing industry and the main purchasing center of printing material in Asia. Our company differentiate itself by ensuring high manufacturing quality while offering first class customer service to ensure we can quickly meet all your needs.

Based on more than 20 years of experience while following the best standards and practices in package processing and design, we provide our clients with efficient solutions to all their needs. We integrate the whole packaging work-flow, including highest quality and unique design, consulting and optimization on packaging design, economical procurement through local vendors, one step packing of your locally sourced products, import-export logistics and more.

We specialize in environment-friendly packaging and offer the whole spectrum of printed packaging like packaging boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, paper shopping bags, books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, recyclable paper hangers, spiral notebooks, school exercise books, memo pads, music cards, cards, holiday greeting cards, color paper cards, paper header cards, calendars, stickers, labels, gift labels, paper labels, and other paper products series.