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As we all known, high grade design and technology can make your products attract customers’ eye and grasp their memory. However, few people know some technology which can be greatly used to the surface and make the whole effect looks better.

If you want to display the color and appearance of your products when the customers making selection, Plastic lid is a good choice .they can easily see through via the plastic window, without moving off the box lid, raise the value of the marketing.


Some surface technologies like Embossing, UV are also widely applicable to packaging because it could be obviously shown on the surface which you can feel all the patterns when you touch it. Especially UV, the printing color is sharper and more vibrant, because the ink dries so rapidly and doesn’t have a chance to spread into the substrate, the printing effect stays vivid and resists fading.


Foil Stamping metallic foils have a shiny, lustrous finish with a big visual impact, which can grasp your customer attention at once. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image, which can really bring a piece to the next level by adding dimension, texture and brilliance.



You can use a paper tray to divide the box into small squares, with a draw box type to create a sense of mystery. When your customer picks up your box and uncovers slowly, your products are neatly placed in front of them, which makes their eyes brightened!


Currently packaging gradually become a communication tool that identified the brand, we can provide you some professional suggestion about creativity techniques to facilitate the creation of an innovative packaging, add some funny elements for your products.

If you would like to know more design about box, just contact us without hesitate. What you should do is to enjoy the good reputation for your products.


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