British pet products customer coming to our company

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The 23th of April is a specially day for our company. Our new customer Geoff Rawlings who is from England, came to our factory. We all feel happy to see him.

We went to the hotel to pick him up at 8:00 in the morning. After arriving at our factory, we started to discuss the details about the products. Geoff needs paper boxes for holding pets products. After about an hour of discussion, he decided to use corrugated box, pillow box and fold box for holding his goods. Then we took him to visit our factory’ equipment. He is very professional that does not need our explanation. In fact, Geoff once had a printing company. Therefore, he is very familiar with the printing industry.

After discussing work, we took photos together to record this special day. Considering his itinerary, we went to lunch together at 12 oclock. We are glad that he likes Chinese food, and he said he is satisfied with our reception. At about 2 pm, we sent him to the train station, and his next trip is Dongguan.

We treat every customer with sincerity, constantly improving our product quality and service attitude, and striving to meet every customer with the best attitude.

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