Charm Printing Co., Ltd participate in the HK Print Pack Fair

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Charm Printing Co., Ltd have been in printing and packaging for over 23 years, and has been cooperating well with many well-known brands from all over the world, such as Disney and Hello Kitty.      


Nowadays, packaging and printing are moving toward more attractive and value-added products. Not only packaging appearance, demands for products and services which address environmental sustainability have been increasing. So  we put more emphasize on recyclable &bio-degradable packaging material, recycled ink and other sustainable printing and packaging solutions.


In order to service our customers well, and to be found out us easier by more other brands, who is really in need of our help and want to work together with us, we decide to participate in the print pack fair.

Our market mainly aim at jewelry, cosmetics, wine, gifts, fashion industry, which have extremely high requirement on the external packaging, so in this exhibition, We presented the high quality material and finishes, design excellence is shown in the range of gift boxes, packaging boxes, what attracts many customers attention. Some Eco-friendly Packaging like Craft Paper Bags and Boxes are especially popular among them.


As a leading manufacturer in China mainland ,We have full of confidence  to satisfy the specific requirements for packaging and printing.


We still have a long way need to go , not only to promote our corporate brand, but also push our unique design concept, environmental protection concept to the world. That’s why we can stand in the market continuously and win the support from more and more people.

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