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We introduced new machines (Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine)to meet the needs of productivity in this month, which is the beginning of a big change for our factory.

Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine, is suitable to produce all kinds of rigid boxes, such as jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes. gift boxescosmetic boxes. watch boxes, and some special rigid boxes, etc.


·         Features and function

1. Suit to all kinds of paper and box shell for positioning.

2. Suit to all kinds of paper and cardboard for positioning(Only by HM-ZD600E).

3. Computer control for all parameter setting.

4. Fault diagnosis function.

5. Automatic feed paper.

6. 24-hours control for glue pre-heating

7. Servo system for controlling the whole machine.

8. CCD positioning system and robot arm for positioning the box shell.

9. Automatic control system of glue viscosity (optional).

10. Corner conveyor for box shells (optional).

Now the Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine works well. The machine has greatly increased our production. We could produce 15,000 gift boxes in one day. But now we can make 50000 gift boxes in one day. In short, the automatic positioning machine help us saving time and manpower. With the help of the new equipment, we have more confidence in our production capacity.Also, our factory is audited by Disney, and best obtained many certifications such as Sedex, FSC, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

And we hope that with our joint efforts, we can better serve our customers.    

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